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Today is the best time to learn photography.  Not only is the equipment better, and the overall cost much lower, but the fact that you get instant feedback ("did that work?") means you can learn in weeks what in the 1980s would have taken years.

But you do need a good teacher. Michael Willems, the founder of learning.photography, is not just a photographer with many years' experience: he is also a very good teacher. Michael has the gift of making complicated subjects simple: without jargon, without requiring prior knowledge, he will make a material difference to your photography skills.

Michael, an engineer by training, runs a retail studio, and is a part-time professor of photography at Ottawa's leading college. He has in the past taught at the School of Imaging, at Vistek, and at Sheridan College of Art and Technology; he has been a keynote speaker at many conferences and has taught amateur and professional photographers as well as camera clubs in Canada, the USA and Europe.

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