Learn Photography From The Pros. In Person or via Zoom. In Ottawa or Worldwide.

Our in-person training, usually carried out at the Ottawa studio, is tailor-made to the needs of the individual: you!

The first step is to see what gaps a student has in their basic knowledge, and to fill those. Although good photography isn't about the equipment, a good knowledge of the technical basics and a firm grasp of the fundamentals are necessary. We will ensure that you fully understand your camera and how to operate it, and we will get you out of the automatic modes.

Although we use our lesson program as a basic guideline, because this is individual, hands-on, tuition, we only take from that exactly what is needed: no more, no less.

Beyond that, it is applying that knowledge that makes you a great photographer. The knowledge of composition; light; of how to use flash; of how to take travel or landscape photos or portraits: all that is now open to you to learn from a great teacher and photographer.

From a simple one-hour Q&A session to a multiple week lesson plan: These courses are hands-on, so if you have one, bring your camera - with a charged battery!

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