Learn Photography From The Pros. In Person or via Zoom. In Ottawa or Worldwide.

What knowledge do I need?

None—or a lot! The beauty of individual, one-on-one tuition is that whether you are a pro or you have never held a camera in your life, we will tune your lesson or course to you, and what you need. We are very good at teaching every level from beginner to pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

What camera do I need?

That is up to you. We recommend a camera with manual controls, either an SLR or Mirrorless camera, because you have more creative power. But really, even a point-and-shoot or even a phone can take good pictures. We will tune our course to your needs, and to your camera.

How long is a lesson or course?

Individual lessons can be any length. For most people, a lesson length of one to two hours is ideal, but the length is up to you and can be adjusted at the time. We'll make sure you get what you need, without overloading you. And a course can be any number of lessons—from one to many.

How many people in a course?

For one-one-one, well... it's one, but it can also be, for instance, you and a spouse. We do not currently do classes with multiple unrelated people in a class.

For club and Zoom presentations, it can be any number of people, from a few to hundreds.

Are these real live courses?

Yes, these are interactive, real one-on-one, or one-on-audience, courses. If you could learn from a mere video we would not need schools. Our personal interaction means you will learn what you need, when you need it.

Do you supply printed materials?

It depends on the lesson or course, but generally, yes, we supply the notes . Our courses are not memory tests, don't worry!

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