The Photographer And The Computer, Toronto, 13 May 2017


The Photographer And The Computer, Toronto, 13 May 2017, 12 noon–4pm

CSI, Daniel Spectrum Building,
585 Dundas St East,
Toronto, ON

Have you always wanted to be efficient in the way you use your computer? Are you afraid you are missing out on new apps? Are you unsure of the way you make backups?

Good news: it is easier than you might think. Michael Willems, who has taught his flash and other courses all over the world, is once again coming to downtown Toronto, saving you the trip to Brantford (or London, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, or any of the other places he teaches). 

You will learn how to use your computer to maximum benefit, including the fundamentals you need to effectively use Adobe Lightroom. Intended for: Any photographer, amateur or pro, who wants to improve computer skills and wants to start saving time with Lightroom. Requirements: You need to bring a laptop with Lightroom installed. An external hard disk is recommended, if possible; but is not necessary.  

Subjects covered include:

  • Your camera’s tech: Menus, Setup; EXIF data;
  • Basic computer skills for photographers:
  • Setup and Backup; avoiding the pitfalls.
  • Windows or Mac? Does it matter?
  • Multiple computers (desktop and laptop): challenges & solutions;
  • A Good Workflow (one that saves time!);
  • Lightroom for Editing.

This course is for anyone with a proper camera who is interested in using their computer properly. Minimise risk, maximise benefits. Apps. 

An 8 Student Limit is strictly enforced.

Sign up today while there is space!

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