Bare Oaks Photography Workshop!


You have a camera. Maybe a complicated DSLR. Or maybe a point-and-shoot. Or perhaps even just a smartphone. But you wish you could do more with it. You wish you could produce stunning pictures, even pictures to hang on your wall.

  • Do you want to like your own photography more?
  • Do you want to be recognized for your creativity and skill?
  • Does your current technical skill set prohibit you from getting the results you want?

In that case, this weekend training course at Bare Oaks is for you. Deep dive into your creativity and be the creative photographer that you really are. With his unique teaching style, award-winning photographer Michael Willems (who is himself a naturist!) will teach you the skills that you need to be a better photographer.

Act now: each of these courses is limited to a small group of enthusiasts. In a group of no more than 10 people, you will learn to translate your vision into a photograph; you will learn the technical skills you need; you will learn how to see; you will get a one-on-one review of your work, and we review your skills and your knowledge gaps.

Subjects include: Camera Basics–DSLR Operation–The Importance of Focus–Exposure and adjusting it–Using Your Smartphone–Getting Steady Pictures–Why you use a Flash–Composition Principles–Composition in Practice–Sports–The Rules at Bare Oaks–Developing Your Own Style.

The course is held from 10AM-Noon and 2pm4pm, both days, with time in between to have lunch and to complete photo assignments. This course is suitable for ages 12 and up.

No prior knowledge is needed. You will leave with the ability to create what you have in mind. Light, technical ability, composition, editing: all this leads to new-found confidence and enlightenment, and a way of really seeing the exquisite detail of the world around you.

Date: Saturday and Sunday, 22/23 June 2019

Price $195 p.p.  /   Bring A Friend Price: $295 (2 people)

13% HST will be added. Prices do not include admission to Bare Oaks. Warning: Nudity will be encountered!  :-)

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