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IT'S ALL ABOUT YOUR NEEDS, NOT MINE. This secure online store was designed to make it easy for you to benefit from Michael's services and products. Easy ordering, quick delivery and confirmation, the ability to use many payment mechanisms: and especially, the ability to now take part in Michael's seminars as one-on-one custom training, or with one or two friends, at a time of your choosing, makes this the new way to learn.

When learning with Michael Willems, you will not be in a classroom with 19 other people with the wrong camera or a knowledge level vastly different from yours. Nor will he try to sell you stuff. And nor will he assume anything, or look down on you for not knowing things.


MICHAEL WILLEMS,  PHOTOGRAPHER: An experienced and award-winning event-, art-, family,- and commercial photographer, Michael can make your moments last forever. 

From his bases in Oakville, just outside Toronto, and Las Vegas and Amsterdam, he shoots portraits, weddings, families, companies, news, magazines, sports, seniors, fashion models, stock, industrial, and government. 

While his love is the art of light and composition, he is also a master of the up-to-date technical side. He has a BSc(Eng) in Electronic Engineering; he is a member of NPAC; and is accredited with PPOC and has earned LPPO licentiate status. He received many accolades and awards.

As a long-time "C-level" corporate officer, he also understands business. See www.michaelwillems.ca for more details. 

Michael has been a professional photographer for many years. He started as a part-time pro, then went full time. As an engineer, then business executive, and then photographer and educator, he has worked in 38 countries since 1982. He is a full time photographer and when not on the road worldwide, he teaches at Sheridan College and at his own school, CameraTraining.ca. 


MICHAEL WILLEMS, EDUCATOR: From the start, you will love Michael's teaching—he was born to teach (you might say "literally": he comes from a long line of teachers, including one parent, two grandparents, and many in previous generations). One of North America's most popular, and most experienced, photography coaches, and the author of the popular “Advanced Flash”, “Event Photography”, and “Travel Photography” signature seminars, Michael teaches worldwide. He is a keynote speaker at large events, and teaches privately, to small groups, and at colleges and schools including Sheridan College of Art and Technology, the annual Niagara School of Imaging (NSI), as well as at Vistek in Toronto; he also teaches courses for Canon Canada. See www.cameratraining.ca for more detail. 


MICHAEL WILLEMS, WRITER: A natural educator, Michael also has great command of language. He writes all his own courses. He writes regular photography articles for magazines; and he writes his own popular daily photography teaching blog, speedlighter.ca. Most importantly, he wrote the books for sale here, to worldwide acclaim.