The Art of Photographing Nudes


Throughout history, artists, including the Dutch Masters, have pictured the human form. Nudes are always timeless when tastefully done, especially in black and white, using natural light or simulated natural light. It is easy to photograph a nude model but it is difficult to do it with taste and meaning!

Using a professional life model, Michael Willems (  teaches you how to light, how to interact with your model, and how to produce art that takes a fresh look at a subject that will always remain interesting. If you have any gaps in your knowledge (e.g. equipment, theory, flash advanced use) we will fill those, too.  And you go home with some great portfolio nude shots!

Arranged By Request. Includes Model.

  • One on One; 1 Hour $299
  • One on One; 3 hours $449
  • 2-3 People: $295 p.p.
  • 4+ People: $249 p.p. (3 hours)


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