High School Senior Shoot


The USA has a long standing photographic tradition that we are introducing into Canada as well: the Senior Shoot. "Senior" meaning High School senior: a shoot of your son or daughter at around the age that they graduate from High School.

As a friend just now put it to me: "I wish Canadians had the same tradition of senior photos for students: it's a time when we are searching out who want to be in this world and have little reservation in how we express ourselves. I wish i had more photos of myself from that time that were a true reflection of my person at 18."

And I agree wholeheartedly. You can never get that time back. So do it while you can: have your son or daughter professionally photographed in a real "fashion/model shoot" setting, outdoors or in a suitable indoors location, using props, fashion, poses, and settings that match your teen's personality, the way they see the world, and the person they want to be. 

This shoot includes:

  • Travel up to 50km
  • Up to 90 minute shoot with Michael in a suitable location;
  • His "photographer selection" of up to 10 images, as large electronic files
  • One 13x19" professional print, ready–to–frame.
  • Additional prints, albums, etc available as optional extras.

Quick delivery, great results: time flies, so call now to have your teen photographed by Michael. "iPhone Selfies" will not do: You need real photos. This crucial time in your teen's life will never come back: but pro photos ensure that it will always remain with you, and with your teen. Truly a memory for life. 

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