Stunning Landscape Photography: Making Your Environment Tell Stories


ISBN 978-0-9918636-4-8

Just Released: The all-new 117-page e-book training manual by award-winning photographer and educator Michael Willems.

If you have always wanted to try shooting landscapes, or if you want to become better at doing it, this is the e-book for you. In his latest e-book, Michael includes information on technical requirements, tripods, bags, filters and other requirements, required photography knowledge, timing of shoots and location finding, shooting technique, lenses, basic and practical composition, and post-production. He also discusses many specific landscape techniques, from night scenes to flowing water photography. The ultimate guide to finally mastering your landscape shots!

This extensive e-book is $24.95 plus applicable taxes: it comes as a PDF file conveniently optimized for freely viewing on iPad, your computer, and similar platforms.


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