NEW: Pro Checklists: 100 "Reference card" pages of Best Practices, Guidelines and Summaries for all photographers.


ISBN 978-0-9918636-7-9

Just Released: The e-book version of the all-new 100-page Reference Manual by award-winning photographer and educator Michael Willems.

In what could well be one of the most useful photography reference books ever, Michael has gathered together 100 pages of Tables, Best Practices, Rules of Thumb, Guidelines and Summaries for all photographers. From beginner ("what are the main aperture numbers?") to pro ("tilt angles versus distance to focal plane for tilt-shift lenses"), you will find this an extremely valuable file to always carry with you. 

This extensive e-book, full of reference materials, is $34.95 plus applicable taxes: it comes as a PDF file conveniently optimized for freely viewing on iPad, your computer, and similar platforms.

A printed copy will also be available! To support this project, go to kickstarter

You can download a free sample (a section on "lenses") from here

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