Flash In The Plan: A Full Flash Course Program


This exciting new bundle, "Flash In The Plan", is a full flash course program for an individual.

This plan is aimed at professional and emerging professional photographers, as well as committed amateurs.

"I am a Natural Light Photographer" always means "I do not know flash", or at least "I am not comfortable with flash". Once you are comfortable with flash, you can handle events ion large rooms. Shoots at mid-day in bright sunlight. Dramatic portraits. Art portraits. Whatever is thrown at you: your creative options suddenly grow immensely, and you will be a much more confident and versatile photographer. Award-winning photographer Michael teaches you everything you need to know in a program of courses that you take over the course of a few months, at your own pace.

Starting with a knowledge of photography basics, you will learn professional flash techniques, including flash in studio and flash outdoors, using both speedlights and strobes. 

The plan consists of:

  1. The full four hour flash course in which you learn things like the technical basics, speedlight operation, TTL and manual operation, TTL secrets, studio strobe use, use of wireless flash transmitters, Quick Starting Points for immediate success, additional handy rules of thumb; specifics of your camera and your flash system (any brand); advanced flash use.
  2. The e-book, "Pro Flash Manual".
  3. Homework assignments and review/discussion by phone/email/Skype/Hangouts.
  4. When you are ready, a three hour outdoors flash hands-on tutorial(*).
  5. When you are ready, a three hour studio flash tutorial/review(*). This also includes a look at your equipment and/or your studio, and can be done at your location if you like. (If so, mileage to 50km included).
  6. An overview of Lightroom and what you need to know to speed up and safeguard your workflow (2 hours).
  7. One more discussion of additional homework, and a Q&A session, per phone, email, Skype, or Hangouts
  8. A certificate of completion: you are now a Flash Pro.

The total program cost is $1595 for an individual ($2695 for two, if you want to do this with a friend or colleague).

After this program, you will be an experienced flash pro, able to handle everything from portraits to events with great light. Do it now, and from now on, be able to handle anything that is thrown at you.


(*)The second and third session can be taken in the order you want, at the time you want. There is no limit to how long you can take to complete this, but I recommend completing the program within six months.


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