Workshop: Mastering Flash Like A Dutch Master


Flash is just light. And if the Dutch Masters had one special skill, it was light. Once you know how, you can use a flash for the same effects.

“It is the worst of lights, it is the best of lights”. As a serious photographer, you need to know about Flash. You really need this: Michael Willems’s signature Flash workshop.

From small flashes to large strobes; from TTL to light balancing to the use of modern small flash modifiers; in four intense hours, Michael will teach you what you need to know, so you will love flash, instead of hating it. When to use Fong, when to use Honl? Learn iTTL and eTTL and their limitations. Learn the cardinal flash portrait rule. The Essential Question. The Five Mistakes you should avoid in real-life situations. And prepare for a few epiphanies!

Arranged By Request, in person or via the Internet using Google Hangouts.

  • Online, one-on-one, via Hangouts: $249 (3 hours)
  • One on one: $299 (3.5 hours)
  • 2-3 people: $199 p.p. (3.5–4 hours)
  • 4+ People: $179 p.p. (4 hours)




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