The "Portrait Pro" Mini Collection: Three Amazing Michael Willems e-books

$44.95 $60.00

Three e-books by award-winning photographer/educator Michael Willems as one collection: These Three Make You A Portrait Expert!

The collection of Mastering Your DSLR Camera, and Pro Flash manual, and Powerful Portraits: this combination gives you everything you need to become a Portrait Professional in one go! 

  • Electronic download: $44.95 (a $30 discount over individual books)
  • Optional: Emailed to you on a DVD: $54.95 

Learn How To Light Faces. Learn How To Convey Emotion. Operate Your Camera Like A Pro. Use Flash, both strobes and TTL flashes, for Special Lighting Effects. Shoot Nudes Confidently. Deal With Challenges. Eternal Baby Photos. Learn What To Pack.  Using Off-Camera Flash. Shoot Fashion. Shooting Kids.  Ambient, And The Big Secret To Every Successful Flash Photo. This, and Much, Much More in This Unique Collection. Now Together for the First Time!



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