2017 has lots of news. March 13 2017, 0 Comments

As you may have seen on Michael's blog,, there is a lot happening. Lots of new courses, lots of new shoot initiatives, and lots of new opportunities.

Including more courses in Toronto. Scheduled at the moment for 2017 in downtown Toronto are:

  • Mar 25 - Portrait/Model
  • Apr 30 - Composition and Light
  • May 13 - Small Photography Business
  • Jun 25 - Event Photography 
  • Jul 16 - Travel
  • Aug 27 - Lightroom

NEW: Live Photo Booth July 11 2016, 0 Comments

NEW: I now also offer a live Photo Booth for your events, parties, weddings, etc. At a photo booth we take four photos of each group; these four are then printed on a custom-designed individualized 4x6 photo. This guarantees fun for your guests, and ensures that they leave with a great permanent portrait.

See for all the details. And.. reserve soon: first come, first serve. 

An alternate version!: Kindle Ebooks March 13 2016, 0 Comments

For those of you who prefer to read my books on your Kindle or on a tablet using Kindle software: You can now also purchase my books, DRM-free, on the Kindle store on

 So if you prefer one-click Amazon ordering, head ti the above links now!


Add books to your iPad November 29 2015, 0 Comments

When you buy my e-books, you might well want them on your iPad.

There’s probably many ways to achieve that, but here’s how I do it:

  1. Make sure iBooks is installed on your iPad. (free).
  2. Install Dropbox (also free) on both your computer and your iPad.
  3. Get a dropbox account (also free) and sign in on both devices.
  4. On the computer, drag the PDF file into Dropbox.
  5. On the iPad, open it.
  6. Then click on the export icon (the square with an arrow emanating from it).
  7. There, select “Open In…”.
  8. After the choice is presented to you, select “Open in iBooks” or “Copy to iBooks”..

The file has now been copied to iBooks, and you can read it there any time, very conveniently (it has been formatted to be read easily on an iPad).


(This tip from the learning blog at


New Studio Location: Brantford October 29 2015, 0 Comments

NEW, Late 2015—Michael Willems is now located in Brantford, Ontario. His new studio offers greater convenience and space than the former space. leading to faster and more convenient shoots. To celebrate this, Michael is offering special discounts until December 2015. Contact him to hear more!

NEW: "PRO CHECKLISTS" RELEASED! April 16 2015, 0 Comments

Just Released: The all-new 100-page e-book reference manual by award-winning photographer and educator Michael Willems.

In what could well be one of the most useful photography reference books ever, Michael has gathered together 100 pages of Tables, Best Practices, Rules of Thumb, Guidelines and Summaries for all photographers. From beginner ("what are the main aperture numbers?") to pro ("tilt angles versus distance to focal plane for tilt-shift lenses"), you will find this anextremely valuable file to always carry with you. 

This extensive e-book, full of reference materials, is $29.95 plus applicable taxes: it comes as a PDF file conveniently optimized for freely viewing on iPad, your computer, and similar platforms.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: A printed copy will also be available soon: you will be entitled to this at cost (we expect this to be around $10).

You can download a free sample (a section on "lenses") from here

Learning photography January 28 2015, 0 Comments

This is an excerpt blog post from, the go-to instructional photography blog. A post almost every day. The way to learn photography like a pro, from a pro. I occasionally copy a blog post from there to this news area, for your information. 


Your flash has a ZOOM function. This allows the light to be sent "where the lens looks". After all, if you use a telephoto lens, why send light to the sides, where the lens cannot see? This would waste energy.

Normally, the zoom factor is set automatically, depending on the lens. Look at the back of your flash and zoom your lens just after touching the shutter button: the flash will alter its zoom as you move the zoom lens through its range. No work for you. So the light goes only where the lens looks.

But you can override this. Set flash zoom to "M" (manual) and select whatever zoom setting you desire.

Like here: I used a wide angle lens, but I zoomed the flash in to a much narrower beam:

See? A small oval of light near the centre (you can aim the flash).

Why would I want to do this?

  • Sometimes, I do this for effect.
  • Sometimes, like during a bright day, I do it to get more power: a concentrated small beam is brighter than a wide area.
  • And sometimes, I do it for correction.

Like here: My garage during the recent garage art sale. Without flash, it looked like this:

The back was dark, so I needed flash. But I did not want that flash to light up the close areas, which were already very bright.

Solution: zoom the flash in manually. The lens was 16mm; I zoomed the flash to about 50mm if I recall correctly. That sent light only there where it was needed.

Problem solved. More even exposure, without overexposure of the foreground.


Opportunity Knocks: You really can learn everything I know: I have made it easy. See for all my photography learning books. And decorate your home or office with wall art: the garage sale is permanent. Contact me if you want to see my prints.


Christmas Shopping For Your Loved One: Done! December 02 2014, 0 Comments

You know the feeling of increasing desperation as Xmas nears, the mall parking lots fill, and no gifts have been bought yet? Yeah, me too!


Don't Despair! This year, it can be over within the next hour.




Yes: the shopping for your loved one can be done right here, right now. An impressive array of gifts that are guaranteed to delight anyone who is into photography, whether as a pro or as an amateur, as a maker of photos or as a buyer of photos or photography service. Here's the offers:

  1. Powerful Portrait Photography: The new e-book ($19.95) Click Here to Buy
  2. The Portrait Pro Mini Collection: Three e-books at a discount ($44.95): Click Here to Buy
  3. The Collection: All Six e-books at 37% Off ($75): Click Here to Buy
  4. Gift Voucher: Three Hour Private Course with Michael Willems ($249): Click Here To Order
  5. "Mastering Flash" Course, Online anywhere in the world (from $249): Click Here To Order




    Order now and whether you get delivery by electronic means or by mail, your Christmas presents are taken care of. Your loved one will love you even more, your breath will smell great, you will stop perspiring, your financial fortunes will look up, and the stars and planets will align to send you fame and health. OK, maybe none of that is true except the Christmas part, but that is quite a lot all in itself.  

    Instead of slippers, give a unique gift that improves skills, teaches him or her how to use cameras and flashes properly, and keeps on giving for years to come. Take care of Christmas today, this year. All purchases can be accompanied by a certificate (pictured). 


    Online training too! November 12 2014, 0 Comments

    Are you aware that virtually all my courses are offered online as well?



    Convenient, and all you need is a laptop or computer with camera and microphone, and a google account. Some courses are even cheaper online. Book now, and take the course online.

    You Need This! July 31 2014, 0 Comments

    You all need a business portrait. Like this:

    Whether you know it or not, you do.

    You see, an "Uncle Fred" portrait, or an iPhone selfie, will not do—not on your LinkedIn page, or on your web site, or with a job application, or with a press release.


    Have me do a proper business portrait, quickly and efficiently. See for the special offer pricing, and have me do a proper portrait of you this week. August 1-7 ONLY!